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Based in a ‘burb of Portland, Oregon, Mainly Vegan® LLC was founded in 2015 by Pamela Kurp, a mainly vegan who loves to cook, entertain, learn, laugh, explore and share.

I pulled together this site because I want to help others learn more about veganism — and possibly consider a transition to a plant-based diet. At their own pace, in their own way.

Mainly Vegan

So this site is intended for not only existing or would-be vegetarians and/or vegans, but also for:

  • Curious non-vegans
  • Omnivores or carnivores trying to make a full (or partial) switch to a healthier diet
  • Someone with a veg family member, friend or partner who is trying to figure out what to prepare
  • Anyone interested in weight loss, disease prevention / reversal and improved health
  • Those interested in helping the planet and animals (by not eating them)
  • Someone who loves to cook and bake already, and wants to expand knowledge and learn new techniques
  • Anyone curious about veg ingredient replacements

You don’t have to go “cold turkey” vegan overnight. In fact, I’ve found that it is virtually impossible to be 100% vegan all of the time because animal byproducts are in so many foods and things you just never would have imagined.

The Dynamic Vegan® recipes here are not complicated. The majority of them utilize basic ingredients and staples readily available. And with a few adjustments like using an egg replacer, or meat / dairy alternative, you’ll be preparing delicious plant-based meals in no time.

Mainly Vegan plant-based proteinThe MV Chef videos are designed for anyone who likes to cook at home, and who wants to discover more about vegetarian / vegan nutrition, meal planning and preparation.

Pamela walks you through various recipes, product overviews, grocery store and pantry tours, and other fun videos.

I help take the mystery out of plant-based ingredient alternatives, where to find them, and how to use them in recipes.

And the MV blog and VegePedia articles provide you with the facts (and some opinions) on many veg-related topics.

So the Mainly Vegan® mission is to help you discover and experience the many benefits of living a (mainly) vegan lifestyle. You too can realize its many health benefits, its much lighter footprint on the environment, and its more compassionate respect toward the animals who just happen to share this planet with us.


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