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How to easily replace unhealthy ingredients with healthy plant-based options How to prepare healthy meals that even meat lovers will enjoy How a [mainly] vegan diet means better health, weight loss, and fewer illnesses and diseases Recipes that feature serving size changes, nutrition, meal plans, shopping lists, and more MV Chef videos showing you the alternate ingredients to use and where to find them Dynamic Vegan® recipes using many ingredients you already normally have on hand Nutritional and footprint information for all of our recipes More about how your daily food choices impact the planet, the animals, and YOU... At Mainly Vegan® DISCOVER
Mainly Vegan - Born Again Vegan

Born Again Vegan

Okay, I’ll admit that I was one of “those” vegans when I first made the…

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Mainly Vegan - Vegan Hatfields And Carnivore McCoys

Vegan Hatfields and Carnivore McCoys Debate

This article offers some suggestions to consider during a vegan debate in order to avoid…

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More Than One Turkey at the Table – Holiday Challenges

So Aunt Linda is hosting the holiday dinner again this year and you've decided to…

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Yes Vegans Barbecue – Meat Not Required

It is a common misconception that if someone doesn't eat meat, then they don't barbecue...And…

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