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    Going Vegan

    What's the best way to go vegan?

    QI want to make sure I’m not setting myself up to fail…I’ve tried to go vegan before, but gave it up due to there not being enough options available where I ate. 

    Submitted by: Susie S., Irvine, CA

    AI recommend taking a gradual approach. Try first phasing out red meat, and then pork and chicken, by substituting those meats with plant protein instead: Tofu, beans, or hamburger / chicken / turkey / pork alternatives are all great ways to fill up on plant-based protein and you probably won’t miss the heavier, unhealthier meat-based meals.

    After about a month or two, try phasing out seafood and dairy products by substituting them with some of the great alternatives available at most grocery stores.

    How do I convince my husband to go vegan?

    QNo matter how hard I try, he just will not try the vegan meals I prepare for us at home, claiming he’s a “man, and real men eat meat…” 

    Submitted by: Angela T.; Portland, OR

    AThat’s a tough one, since you’ve already tried and he refuses. I suggest inviting some friends / family members over who ARE open to trying your vegan dishes, and perhaps once your husband witnesses their openness and positive reactions, he’ll change his mind and at least try something.

    So many of the Dynamic Vegan® recipes are all about taking those traditional dishes and veganizing them to where most people can’t even tell they’re eating something made from plants and not animals. The chili or stuffed bell peppers are good ones — as is the Meat Lover’s Pizza recipe.

    I’m hoping your husband has a change of heart, literally and figuratively.

    Plant-Based Nutrition

    How do I know I'm getting enough protein?

    QI want to make sure that a vegan diet provides enough protein. So many people seem concerned that I might not get enough.

    Submitted by: Todd S.; Dallas, TX

    ARelax, Todd. It’s SO easy to get more than enough protein on a plant-based diet — in fact, you don’t even need to think about it at all.

    For more information on this topic, check out my blog article, “So Where Do You Get Your Protein?”

    Recipe Preparation / Suggestions

    What are the best recipes for a first vegan family meal?

    QWhat recipes do you suggest to use to introduce my family to their first vegan meal experience?

    Submitted by: Tamara A.; Huntington Beach, CA

    AI suggest hamburger-based or chicken-based recipes for your first time out.

    So any of our Dynamic Vegan® basics like chili, tacos, spaghetti, Stroganoff, stuffed bell peppers, lemon pepper chicken, chicken Parmigiana, barbecue chicken pizza, or chicken Caesar salad should go over well with any reluctant or skeptical family members.

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