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It’s easy. It’s fun. Here’s how you can become a Contributing Chef:

  1. You submit a recipe using the form below.
  2. MV prepares and posts your recipe, giving you credit for the recipe.
  3. For your recipes selected for inclusion on Mainly Vegan®, you receive points to apply toward discounted (or free) MV Store purchases.*

Mainly Vegan Contributing ChefIf you submit a vegetarian or even a meat-based recipe, we’ll “veganize” it for you and may include a vegetarian version of it too.

We’ll contact you for more information so we can build your Chef profile page including links to your social media accounts and/or website(s) so you can promote your business.

*If your recipe is selected for an MV Chef video, you’ll receive double points!

Recipe Submission

When submitting a recipe, please also include the number of servings / serving size, instructions and other notes in addition to the ingredients / measurements.

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