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Dynamic Vegan Cookbook

5.0 (1 review)

$ 29.99

An interactive cookbook and guide for a plant-based diet including:

  • Over 200 plant-based recipes including nutrition, footprint and information videos
  • Ingredient / product alternatives including grocery store and product overview videos
  • Meal plans for various dietary goals (along with a template to create your own meal plan)
  • Menus for lots of fun special occasions and events (plus a template to build your own menu)
  • Shopping lists – working lists and pre-populated lists for meal plans and menus


An interactive digital cookbook and guide for a plant-based diet including:

  • Over 200 plant-based recipes
  • Ingredient / product alternatives
  • Meal plans
  • Menus
  • Shopping lists

With this digital cookbook, not only will you receive over 200 delicious and easy plant-based recipes, you’ll also learn more about veganism, and receive ingredient alternative recommendations including video overviews and grocery store tours. The cookbook also includes a dozen meal plans for various types of dietary goals (e.g., weight loss, low-carb, low-sodium, high protein / body building), as well as a dozen menus perfect for special occasions like parties, barbecues, brunches, and holiday dinners.

And when you select an ingredient from within any recipe, that ingredient is automatically selected on the working shopping list. Pre-populated shopping lists are also included for each meal plan and menu, and the cookbook contains templates to build your own meal plan and/or menu.

Each recipe includes its nutritional information, as well as its footprint (the environmental and animal impact of a vegan vs. meat / dairy / egg recipe). Easy print and navigational commands are incorporated throughout the cookbook, as well as instructional and informational videos.

Note: Acrobat Reader DC is required to view and enjoy the full functionality of this interactive cookbook. Viewing it via a laptop and/or desktop is also recommended.

Download Acrobat Reader DC for free here:

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1 review for Dynamic Vegan Cookbook

  1. dollywestover (verified owner)

    I love this interactive cookbook! The recipes are easy to follow and so yummy! Items can be added to your shopping list with one click on an ingredient from within any recipe, making shopping an easier experience!

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